Friday, December 27, 2019

We will observe complete strike in Chandigarh too

Friday: 27th December 2019 at 12:39 PM
Joint Decision by Trade Unions in Chandigarh Meeting
Chandigarh: 27th December 2019: (*Raj Kumar//The Comrade Screen)::
On the Call of Central Trade Unions to go on Countrywide  Strike on 8-01-2020, the representatives Central Trade Unions of Chandigarh ie AITUC, CITU, CTU Punjab, INTUC and AICCTU hold a meeting and decided to participate in big numbers. The employees of Banks, Post office, LIC, Water and Electricity and Transport and others will go on strike.
A massive Rally near Shivalik hotel, Sector-17, would be held in which thousands of workers and employees participate. The employees also march in sector 17.
The demands of workers from the central govt. to stop making laws against workers, to stop privatization, out sourcing and contract system and give the job on regular basic.
Minimum wages Rs. 21000/- per month for unskilled workers should be fixed. Labour laws should be implemented. Rising prices of essential commodities should be brought down. Crime against women are increasing day by day should be dealt with strong hands.
To save the basic principle of constitution of India, the unity and integrity, democratic setup should be maintained. The CCA and NRC should be taken back immediately.
*Raj Kumar is President AITUC, Chandigarh and his Mobile number is: 98155-42471

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Attack on CPI office at Bangalore condemned

Thursday: 26th December 2019 at 4:22 PM
Fascist Face of RSS–BJP Exposed
Photo from CPI Sources
Ludhiana: 26th December 2019: (M S Bhatia//The Comrade Screen Bureau)::
The district Ludhiana unit of the Communist Party of India (CPI) has condemned in strong words attack on the office of the CPI at Bangalore. Goons had attacked the CPI office at night at 1.40am damaging the party hall and motorcycles. Party leaders Comrade D P Maur-Distt. Secretary, Dr Arun Mitra, Chamkaur Singh, M S Bhatia, Ramesh Rattan and Gurnam Sidhu said that this has exposed the fascist designs of the RSS and its political output the BJP. First they attacked the minorities, now the communists and after this they will go for other political parties and anyone questioning them. They appealed to the people to thwart their fascist designs and save secular democratic constitution of the country.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

CPI seminar to pay homage to Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

Criticized Communal and obscurantist policies of BJP 
Ludhiana: 16th November 2019: (The Comrade Screen Bureau)::

It is time to strengthen the struggle against the communal and obscurantist forces and to save our constitution. In a seminar organised by the Communist Party of India District Ludhiana unit to pay homage to Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha, Com. Charan Singh Sarabha, an educationist and former General Secretary of the Government School Teachers Union Punjab, said that Kartar Singh Sarabha laid down his life at a very tender age. He fought against the British  imperialism  relentlessly and did not bow down to their atrocities or diktats. He was part of the Ghadar movement with aim to throw the British imperial power and to build an India which is secular, democratic and a society based on justice and equality. They preached freedom of all religious beliefs, end to discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion, gender and financial status. It is unfortunate that their dreams have not been fulfilled even after seventy two years of independence. The spirit of constitution is being flouted. Right to freedom of expression is being curbed in a very subtle way. Those disagreeing are being labeled as anti national or are being eliminated. Silence by the Prime Minister on mob lynching amounts to tacit support to such heinous crime. Rights of the states are being curbed. Abrogation of article 370 in J & K and converting it into Union territory is a clear example. They are out to create Jingoism to garner votes.
D P Maur – district secretary said that economic situation is very grave. India's rank is 102 out of 117 countries in the hunger indexThe GDP which was expected to be at 9% has now fallen to 4.2%. After demonetization and the way GST was implemented there is rampant joblessness which has reduced the purchasing power of the people. The crisis is obvious from the very fact that the government has taken 1.76 lakh crores from the reserves of the RBI. The corporate sector has been given a concession of Rs.1.46 lakh crores in the income tax whereas the ordinary people have to pay high indirect taxes. Dr Arun Mitra assistant secretary said that there is design to push society into backward situation by spreading completely unscientific ideas and are propagating obscurantism like the use of ‘Gau Mutra’. The very talk of putting head of elephant on human body in the ancient India is totally unscientific and a sinister design to keep the society backward.  Such forces need to be fought back relentlessly he said. Others who addressed include Com Ramesh Rattan, CPI National Council member Guzar Goria, Chamkaur singh, Maninder Singh Bhatia Gurnam Singh Sidhu, Avtar Chibber, Ranjt Singh, Kewal Singh Banwait. The seminar was presided over by Comrades Gurnam Gill and Gurnam Sidhu. Young student leader of AISF Kartika recited a poem on present situation. Seminar demanded that ideals of Shaheed Kartar Sngh Sarabha and Ghadar movement should be part of syllabus all over the country. Earlier the party leaders garlanded the statue of Shaeed Kartar Singh Sarabha.