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CPI Condemns I-T Raids on BBC Offices

 14th February 2023 at 09:56 PM

Such a step is likely to bring down the image of the country

New Delhi: 14th February 2023: (The Comrade Screen Bureau)::

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement today (on February 14, 2023) condemning the raids on Mumbai and Delhi offices of BBC:

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India condemns the raids conducted by the income tax department at the Delhi and Mumbai offices of BBC. The Modi government has already become notorious for attacking everyone who criticizes and exposes its communal-fascist policies.

It may be recalled here that BBC has recently telecast the documentary, ‘The Modi Question’. This has annoyed the Modi government which did not allow its telecast in universities and other places.

Now the Modi government has used the government machinery to intimidate a foreign telecast company. Such a step is likely to bring down the image of the country which has already suffered as far as the freedom of the media is concerned.

Monday, January 2, 2023

Desh Sewak will soon be published in three languages-Com Sekhon

Sunday 1st January 2023 at 06:10 pm

We will not let this torch be extinguished: Com Yousuf Tarigami

: 1st January 2023: (Kartika Singh//Comrade Screen Desk)::

Most of the media organizations in Punjab generally do not celebrate their anniversaries openly in such a way that common people can also participate. The lack of such events often hurts. Even if celebrated, they remain within the limits of the offices of the media organizations concerned, the news of which is published in the relevant newspaper the next day.

In such an atmosphere, the 27th birth anniversary of 'Desh Sevak' was celebrated in a very grand manner in which leaders of common workers, laborers and farmers arrived from far and wide. Kartar Singh, an elderly man, hailed from a village in Ludhiana and was over 75 years of age. They all resolved to maintain a secular, democratic and pro-people stand and reiterated their resolve to continue their efforts to make Com. Harkishan Singh Surjit's dreams come true. Com Sukhwinder Singh Sekhon, State Secretary of CPI(M) and Managing Director of Dainik Desh Sevak reminisced about the role played by Desh Sevak.

Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna Bhawan of local Sector 29-D was bustling throughout the day. Hot tea and pakodas were being distributed as unbreakable langar. Amidst the bitter cold, people full of warm feelings had reached from far and wide. In this way the 27th anniversary of Desh Sevak was celebrated in a grand manner. The ceremony, of course, started an hour late, but after it began, it went on without a hitch. Every speaker who spoke from the stage was priceless. His poison word was full of new information. In this way every moment was made memorable. To be deprived of listening to this program even for a moment was a loss deal. The commemoration ceremony was presided over by Com.

A large number of people had arrived eagerly to attend it. These were people of all ages. People fully connected with the programs of the party. They don't have much understanding of media, but they certainly knew how important the media which takes the side of the public has become today. 

Comrade Muhammad Yusuf Tarigami, a member of the Central Committee of the CPI(M) and several times MLA from Jammu and Kashmir, was also specially present in this programme. People were eager to hear him. Com Sukhwinder Singh Sekhon, MD of 'Desh Sevak' and State Secretary of CPI(M), Com Ram Singh Noorpuri, State Secretariat Member, Com Gurnek Singh Bajal, Com Sucha Singh Ajnala, Com Sukhpreet Singh Johal, Com Abdul Sattar, Chetan Sharma, Local Editor cum General Manager of Desh Sevak, Editor Ripudaman Rippi and Printer and Publisher of Desh Sevak Ranjit Singh participated in this program. There was hardly any corner of Punjab from where one or two representatives of the people associated with the Daily Desh Sewak have not reached. 

On this occasion, it was also talked about taking the mission of the country's servant further. Meanwhile, addressing a large gathering, Com Youssef Tarigami said that they have received a New Year's gift today as they are sitting among themselves and talking from their hearts. He said that the desire to restart 'Desh Sevak' which was closed by the British Government in 1920s remained constant in the mind of Com. 

In this way, comrade Surjeet again made this auspicious occasion of the return of the "Desh Sewak" a reality again. In this way, the struggle-filled history of the Daily Desh Sewak has once again come to the fore, due to which many people are still unaware. 

There was also talk of difficulties coming in the way of free and pro-people media. Com Yusuf Tarigami said that this moment will not be allowed to fade under any circumstances. He said that today journalism in true sense is a very difficult task. The editor has to think before taking up the pen, because if the order is violated then ED, CBI or any other agency can take action against that editor. He said that 'Desh Sevak' has faced many challenges so far and will have to face them in future too, which we are fully prepared to face. 

Calendar and diary of 'Desh Sevak' was also released on the occasion of this memorable event.  Com Yousuf Tarigami said that 'Desh Sevak' has never shied away from its responsibility and it is and will remain accountable to its readers. He said that this newspaper has become the mouthpiece of the downtrodden and has raised their issues prominently.

Com. Yusuf Tarigami said that today, when the conditions of the country have been turned in the other direction by the rulers, the responsibility of the 'Desh Sevak' to raise voice against the populist policies of the rulers increases even more. He also told many deep things in detail about the importance of media dedicated to the public. He said that today constitutional institutions are under threat because the rulers are misusing them for their personal interests. Regarding the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, he said that the government should tell whether it is against our constitution. No clause, or is it a clause of a foreign constitution? He said that when the Constitution of India was written, this section was also included in it. He said that where there are union territories, there is a demand to make them states. On the contrary, the statehood of Jammu and Kashmir has been abolished and it has been bifurcated into a Union Territory. He said that on August 5, 2019, the Center decided to abrogate Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. After, what happened there is clear to the people. Restrictions have been imposed on people's speaking, listening, wearing clothes, eating, drinking and walking. He said that the Center should tell whether these people are not citizens of India. They were treated like second class citizens.

Com. Yusuf Tarigami said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are democracy loving people, they did not leave the path of mutual brotherhood at the time of partition in 1947 and before that also played their part in the struggle for the freedom of the country. He said that special restrictions are being imposed by the Center on Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir, both of which are border states. He said that the people of these two states are not beggars, they want to be treated like citizens. They want their rights. He said that 50 kilometer area in Punjab has been handed over to BSF, from where the intention of the rulers can be seen. Talking about Punjab, he said that the people of Punjab contributed a lot in the freedom struggle, but maintained brotherhood even during the times of terrorism and played a major role in the 'Kisan Movement' fought on the borders of Delhi. He said that whether the farmer is from Jammu-Kashmir or Punjab, he will be engaged in farming and will protect it and will also decide the price of the crops himself. Com. Yusuf Tarigami said that BJP should now understand that the people of the country are not going to follow its instructions for long.

In the end, he congratulated the entire management of 'Desh Sevak' on its 27th anniversary and also assured his support. Com Sukhwinder Sekhon, Managing Director of Rozana Desh Sevak and State Secretary of the party, also mentioned many such cases from the stage in which Desh Sevak played the role of alert and responsible media. There were also talks of those special news which only the country's servant had the courage to publish. Only Desh Sevak was the first to make sensational revelations which were completely true. Only the patriot showed the courage to publish them.

Recalling the news of a famous dera, Com. Sekhon said that in 2002, when an anonymous letter containing this news was published, the news of that day was being sold for Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 per newspaper in black. Desh Sevak became popular among the people due to his impartiality and courage. Com Sekhon said that plans are being made to publish Desh Sevak in three languages ​​soon so that this newspaper emerges as a strong media of North India.

Addressing this special gathering Com.Sekhon said that it was the mission of Com.Harkishan Singh Surjit that there should be a newspaper which opposes communal divisions and orthodoxy. Under this mission, he restarted 'Desh Sevak' 27 years ago. He said that during this time there were great difficulties and many challenges were faced, but the 'Desh Sevak' continued on his path fearlessly. He reminded that 'Desh Sevak' prominently published many news, which were related to the society.

He said that on September 25, 2002, Desh Sewak had published an anonymous letter written by a girl victim of sexual exploitation by an alleged sadhvi of Sirsa, taking suo moto cognizance of which the High Court had ordered a CBI inquiry into the matter. The disclosure of this case created a stir all over the world. Case. Desh Sevak had brought to the fore the reality of the so-called religious places.

He said that when the CBI court in Panchkula sentenced this so-called Sadhu on August 25, 2017, the English Tribune in its news published on August 26, 2017 had openly mentioned the role of 'Desh Sevak' and so-called Sadhu Babas. Significantly, the scandal against this Sadh was also published in 'Desh Sevak'. It was published anonymously by the country servant himself on the initiative.

Addressing this program of Desh Sevak anniversary, local editor cum general manager of 'Desh Sevak' Chetan Sharma said that the new management had taken over the management of the organization five years back. During this, many ups and downs were seen. He said that by guarding the thinking of Com.

He said that it was Comrade Surjit's dream that 'Desh Sevak' should be published in other languages ​​as well, so in 2020 the organization started a Punjabi and English website. He said that one crore 97 lakh viewers are connected to it in two and a half years. He said that everyone knows the condition of media in today's era, but 'Desh Sevak' did not leave the path of fair journalism. He said that soon 'Desh Sevak' is going to start in another language as well.

Speaking on the daily 'Desh Sevak' editor Ripudaman Rippi said that 'Desh Sevak' has always protected democratic and secular values ​​and has consistently adopted a pro-people approach. He said that today the general public of the country is living under the burden of inflation and unemployment and poisonous communalism is being spread on the basis of religion by the rulers at the social level, due to which there is division among the people. In such a delicate environment, the responsibility of newspapers like "Desh Sevak" increases a lot.

Now it is expected that next year the 28th anniversary will be celebrated on an even bigger scale. Due to the large number of Godi media, the role of media dedicated to the public increases even more.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Refer SC Verdict on Reservation for EWS to Full Bench: CPI

8th November 2022 at 4:13 PM

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement today (on November 8, 2022):

New Delhi: 8th November 2022: (M S Bhatia//The Comrade Screen)::

The Supreme Court judgment upholding 10 per cent reservation for EWS category by a five-member bench with three upholding and two expressing dissent has raised several questions regarding the very policy of reservations. Pertinent questions about the judgment’s impact on reservation for SC/ST/OBC, in the absence of caste census, non-availability of data and criteria to determine the economically weaker sections of forward castes, etc. have come to the fore.

The judgment has created apprehensions with several political parties and social movements demanding that the judgment be referred to a larger constitution bench of the Supreme Court for clarification and constitutional merit of the judgment. CPI demands that a full bench of Supreme Court review the present judgment.

CPI is relentlessly fighting for a casteless and classless society. The CPI stands for equality, social justice and annihilation of caste.

The legislative intent behind reservation was not poverty alleviation but affirmative action for historically discriminated and deprived sections of our society.

At a time when privatization is being aggressively pursued by the present government, our fight for reservation in private sector must continue with even greater strength.

Friday, September 2, 2022

The main crime of Gorbachev is the betrayal of the USSR

Friday 2nd September 2022 at 05:52 PM 

G. A. Zyuganov on Gorbachev's death

Research and Presentation By Pawan Kumar Kaushal

G. A. Zyuganov on Gorbachev's death: "I consider it a great tragedy that he came to the crucible of political power"

August 31, 2022 Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Head of the Communist Party faction in the State Duma G.A. Zyuganov commented on the death of Mikhail Gorbachev.


-I hold in my hands the opinions of the leaders of the largest countries of the world in connection with the death of Gorbachev. There are reviews of the US President, the French President, the Austrian Chancellor, the UN Secretary General, the British Prime Minister. The essence of these reviews boils down to the fact that Gorbachev allegedly brought freedom, independence and dignity to the people of the world with his policy.

I am a person brought up on the traditions of Russian Orthodox culture and Soviet patriotism. Therefore, I adhere to the rule that it is necessary to speak about those who have passed away either well or nothing. But this is the case when it does not concern big politicians. The fate of the world, the well-being of people, the dignity of entire states once depended on their activities.

I do not share the assessment of the above named world rulers. You know this well. Moreover, I believe that Gorbachev was one of those rulers in the thousand-year history of Russia, who brought not only the peoples of our country, but also all our allies and friends, absolute misfortune, grief and misfortune.

I worked in the Central Committee of the CPSU. Supervised the North Caucasus. My certificate was signed by Andropov. I have visited Gorbachev's homeland in Stavropol many times. When I met with local leaders, I heard their unflattering assessments of Gorbachev. Let me remind you that at one time Gorbachev was the head of the party organization there. People who knew Gorbachev well from their joint work said about him that he could not do anything, that he would probably start a reorganization and knock people head-on. They bluntly said: "We consider it a great tragedy that he came to the crucible of political power." A few years later, all these estimates were confirmed with absolute accuracy.

G. A. Zyuganov (Courtesy Photo)
The main crime of Gorbachev is the betrayal of the USSR. After all, he inherited a mighty power, with which everyone in this world reckoned. The USSR produced 20% of the world's output, almost one third of all electronics and one third of all aircraft in the world. At that time we were leaders in many directions. For example, in aviation, rocket and space technology, electronics, laser technology, air defense system. And in many other ways. But, unfortunately, with the advent of Gorbachev, all this was betrayed.

The USSR had all the security zones. When I served in a group of Soviet troops in Germany, the Germans respected us and greeted us across the road. Because in those years we were a great power.

Gorbachev did not fully understand that the CPSU was not just a party, but a system of state-political administration, which had taken shape in emergency conditions and which justified itself. Leninist-Stalinist modernization brought together the disintegrated empire into a single Soviet state.

Soviet people, under the leadership of the CPSU, built almost nine thousand of the best factories of that time, defeated fascism, broke through into space, and created nuclear-missile parity. These victories provided us with a confident and dignified future.

But instead of reforming the party, Gorbachev decided to simply destroy it. Since his rise to supreme power, almost a hundred first leaders and ministers have been expelled from the Central Committee of the CPSU. Gorbachev gathered around him a team of outright traitors. These are the Yakovlevs, and the Shevardnadzes, and the Yeltsins, and the Bakatins.

Gorbachev's other crime is the betrayal of Soviet power.

My father was not a party member. He worked as a teacher for almost 50 years, fought for the Soviet state, lost his leg near Sevastopol, and was an invalid of the first group. When I came to the party and Komsomol work, my father said to me: “Remember, son, there was nothing better in this life than Soviet power.” Yes, there were mistakes and difficulties, problems, but the Soviet government always thought about the common man. She gave women 21 privileges, starting with maternity leave. She made education and medicine available to every Soviet citizen. She raised us to the heights of Victory.

It was this Soviet power, the power of the people, that was betrayed by Gorbachev in the most cynical way.

Let me remind you that in accordance with the Constitution of the USSR, Soviet citizens had the right to vote in the All-People's Referendum. Almost 77% of the citizens of the USSR expressed their desire to live in a single union socialist fatherland. But Gorbachev, Yeltsin and all this camarilla betrayed this historic decision of the Soviet people. This is a crime that has no statute of limitations. And we understand this very well.

Research and Presentation
By Pawan Kumar Kaushal
Another crime of Gorbachev is that the Soviet people were deprived of everything that they had won over the past 100 years. All have been selected. And the right to a decent job. And the right to good health care. And the right to an affordable education. People have lost many social guarantees, including decent pensions. The savings of citizens were devalued. Even the money that the old women had for a rainy day turned into empty paper.

And another of his crimes. I was just shocked when I found out about it. He betrayed all his friends and allies. For example, the former leader of the GDR, Erich Honecker, was betrayed to such an extent that he was expelled from Russia. In Germany, Erich Honecker was put in the same prison and in the same cell where he was imprisoned under Hitler.

In December 1989, in Malta, Gorbachev met with then US President Bush Sr. and then US Secretary of State James Baker. Even nature rebelled against this meeting. A wild storm arose on the sea. The American ship was tossed from side to side. And our large liner "Maxim Gorky" stood steadily. There they held negotiations.

When they sat down at the negotiating table, Gorbachev said to Bush for no apparent reason: "We decided to liquidate the Warsaw Pact, to withdraw from Eastern Europe." Baker later recalled that the American delegation, after Gorbachev's statement, even began to sweat from this news. They assumed that they would now be rolled out inflated demands. For example, they will require the United States to dissolve NATO. But Gorbachev again surprised the American side, he said: “No. We now have a new mindset. Therefore, we are dissolving the Warsaw Pact, and you do what you want.” Thus, the entire security system was betrayed, for which 27 million of the best sons and daughters of our Motherland laid their heads. Almost every Soviet family had casualties during the Great Patriotic War.

We already then knew and saw what Gorbachev and his entire camarilla were doing. Therefore, we created the Communist Parties of the RSFSR. We were spread rot, they didn’t even open an account for us. But only one year was not enough for us to unite all healthy patriotic forces in order to expel these "rulers" from the Kremlin and Staraya Square.

I then addressed with the "Word to the people" and the article "Architect at the ruins." I was taken apart for a long time, including at the Politburo. They fabricated a criminal case for 10 years. But then writer Yuri Bondarev, director Stanislav Govorukhin, singer Iosif Kobzon, actor Mikhail Nozhkin, journalists Alexander Prokhanov and Valentin Chikin stood up for me. Genuine patriots rebelled, knowing full well that this would be an unreasonable massacre. But it's not about punishment...

Now there will be much glorification of Gorbachev's departure from life. It's their business. But we need to honestly dissociate ourselves from the treacherous dashing 90s. Otherwise, there will be no recovery and no victory over Nazism and fascism. This is our very principled position. From honest assessments today on this account, it depends on whether we will cope with the challenges that have fallen on our country.

The people have long expressed their assessment of Gorbachevism and passed a harsh sentence on it. In 1996, Gorbachev and his team created an election committee. Gorbachev decided to take part in the presidential elections that year. But even in Stavropol, Gorbachev's homeland, people said that no one would vote for him. Because he sold and betrayed everyone. Gorbachev launched the thieves' privatization. As a result, about 0.5% of voters voted for Gorbachev in the 1996 presidential election. This is the people's verdict for all her criminal treacherous policy.

We later held an open forensic investigation. Including in connection with the impeachment of Yeltsin. There are 20 extra volumes on this investigation in the Duma. All the crimes of this treacherous camarilla have been proven: from Belovezhye and the betrayal of our Army to the flight from Eastern Europe.

Only in Germany there were almost 500 thousand of our troops. It was the strongest army. Since we were withdrawing our troops from Germany, we had to write at least one clause in the agreement. That Germany will never again join any NATO in the coming centuries. This principle also applies to Eastern Europe. After all, at that time we had our military groupings in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. This also applies to the Baltics. The Nazis are marching there today and demolishing Soviet monuments. And every bastard mocks the Russian people.

All our problems today grow from there, bloom and smell. Now see the reviews. All those who stole, stuffed into their pockets, who enriched themselves on this crime, humiliation and destruction of the country, will now either lisp or stutter about the death of Gorbachev. It would be better if they were silent.

The current rotten security system in the world, in Europe and the Russian Federation is the result of Gorbachev's activities. Look around the perimeter of our country. You will see the consequences of this betrayal. Eastern Europe is now driving weapons to Ukraine. In the Baltic States, the fascists and Nazis set the tone in everything, they shut the mouths of those who built factories there and opened new ports.

In native Ukraine, 82% of the population consider Russian as their native language. But today they cannot speak their native language. And now we are forced to pay with the lives of our best sons again in order to destroy fascism in Ukraine and Donbass.  

If we carried out normal reforms today, then everyone would understand that without a strong state, smart centralized power, a sense of collectivism and patriotism, our state cannot exist in any form. But all this was betrayed and sold by Gorbachev. In the most incompetent and most humiliating way.

Today, parallels are being drawn between Gorbachev and Nicholas II. Indeed, Nicholas II blew the empire, and this one - the Great Soviet State. Nicholas II got into the First World War for the money of the bankers of London, Paris and New York, although there was no need for this. He was incapable of running a great empire. His father said about him: “Nikolaska is not ready for the kingdom. God gave him neither mind nor will. It was an objective assessment.

So Gorbachev got a power with a huge army, powerful production, with great science, a better social system. And all this Gorbachev let down just for Thatcher to smile at him, and for Bush to pat him on the shoulder in a friendly way. This is the most humiliating behavior for a leader and a politician!

I recommend reading The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The great Dante painted several circles of Hell. The last, ninth circle, according to his book, was for scoundrels who betrayed their homeland, children, country, friends and relatives.

I believe that she does not know a greater traitor in our thousand-year history than Gorbachev. Probably, the Almighty heard it. After the start of the liberation operation against Nazism, fascism and Bandera, he removed from the body of the Earth and Kravchuk, and Shushkevich, and Gorbachev. I think that this is how the Almighty and nature cleanse the Earth so that it can be saved from traitors, the Nazis, and we will do everything to ensure that friendship and justice win in the world and Russia.

Friday, February 25, 2022

War is not the solution for any geo-political conflict

CPI Expresses Concern Over Military Conflicts Around Ukraine

New Delhi24th February 2022: (M S Bhatia//The Comrade Screen)::

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued today (on February 24, 2022) the following statement:

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India expresses its deep concern and anguish over the military conflicts in and around Ukraine.

CPI reiterates its uncompromising position that war is not the solution for any geo-political conflict in any part of the world. They could be solved only through peaceful means and meaningful dialogue. The CPI is of the opinion that the US move to expand NATO to the East and any part of the world would be an eternal threat to world peace.

CPI urges the government of India to do everything possible to ensure the safety of all Indian citizens living in Ukraine. The authorities of Indian missions in the region need to be asked to take up this issue with utmost urgency.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Patriotism, Religion and RSS Ideology//Ram Puniyani

Thursday: 7th January 7, 2021 at 3:52 PM

Its major ideologue Golwalkar was forthright in praising the Nazis

New Delhi:
7th January 2021: (
Ram Puniyani//The Comrade Screen)::

Word ‘anti-National’ has been more in vogue form last few years. Simply put all those who are criticizing the RSS and its progeny are labeled as anti-National. As fountainhead of Hindu Nationalism RSS is becoming stronger, it has been trying to link patriotism and religion. While hailing Hindus for their loyalty to this nation, the subtle hints are being circulated about Muslims in particular that they are more loyal to Pakistan. In cleverly worded articulation, (HT Jan 02, 2020) the chief of RSS, Mohan Bhagwat said that Hindus are patriotic by nature due to their religion.  He also twists a sentence of Gandhi to state that Gandhi’s patriotism had its origin in Hindu religion, “All Indians worship motherland. But Gandhi said my patriotism comes from my religion. So if you are a Hindu then you will be an automatic patriot. You may be an unconscious Hindu, you may need awakening, but a Hindu will never be anti-India.”

Before analyzing the subtle hints hidden in this formulation let’s understand that when RSS began, its major ideologue M.S. Golwalkar was forthright in praising the Nazis and recommended the treatment for Muslims and Christians (Foreign religions, according to RSS) on the lines which were used by Nazis for Jews. Now from last few decades as RSS is becoming more powerful through it multiple organizations like BJP, VHP, ABVP, Vanvasis Kalyan Ashram, and through its infiltration into different wings of state, media and education, it is using more subtle language, while communicating the same  Hindu nationalist ideology. The meaning and content remains the same, which Golwalkar had outlined in ‘We or Our Nationhood Defined’, but the presentation is well decorated, subtle to the extent of confusing many in the society.

As far as Gandhi is concerned, for him religion was a personal matter. He did call himself as sanatani Hindu, but his Hinduism was liberal and inclusive. His religion had more to do with moral values. He derived his spiritual strength from all the religions, "I consider myself as good a Muslim as I am a Hindu and for that matter, I regard myself as equally good a Christian or a Parsi". (Harijan, May 25 197, page 164). There is respect and inclusivity for people of other religions in his practice of Hinduism. This is in total contrast to exclusivist, narrow understanding and practice of Hinduism of RSS, which is continuously raking up issues to frighten and intimidate people of other religions. As Gandhi’s practice of his religion was liberal and inclusive he could lead the people of different religions in the struggle against British rule.

He also did not connect up religion and nationality or for that matter to patriotism. In that sense patriotism, love for one’s country and countrymen, is not rooted in the religion but in the ‘Nationhood’ which is not an outcome of religion for that matter. His use of word religion has two levels. One is the popular notion of customs, identity, faith etc. and second the morality inherent in the teachings of religion. Though he is very clear that morality is the core of religions, the likes of RSS or for that matter even the Muslim communalists (Muslim League etc.) take his use of the word purely at the level of rituals, holy places etc. only.

The ideologues, who are a part of Hindu nationalist outlook, close to RSS mindset, are burning the midnight oil to dig fragments of sentences, not only from Gandhi and other national icons to present as if the values of these makers of ‘India as a nation’ had ideas similar to that of RSS. In the process they retain the RSS ideology while trying to get more legitimacy by showing their similarity to the great icons of India’s freedom movement and the process of ‘India as a nation in the making’.

So now the formulation is that Hindus are naturally patriots, they can’t be anti national. The other side of this is that the nationalism and patriotism of those belonging to other religions is suspect, subject to certification by those who have a monopoly of being patriots and nationalists, those claiming to represent Hindus.

This totally bypasses the great contributions of Muslims and Christians in making of modern India. Where do you place the millions of Muslims who followed Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who stood not only against British rule but also against the concept of partition of India? Where do you place the likes of Shibli Nomani, Hasrat Mohani, and Ashfaqullah Khan? How do you value the contribution of Allahbaksh who was instrumental in organizing the conference of Muslims to oppose the resolution for separate Pakistan by Mohammad Ali Jinnah? There were innumerable organizations formed by Muslims who rubbed shoulders with participants in the struggle for freedom movement.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Ren Zhiqiang was not arrested for ‘anti-communism’

By Raymond Tyler posted on October 2, 2020

When influential, former property executive Ren Zhiqiang was given an 18-year sentence in China, the Western media were quick to label his imprisonment as due to alleged “anti-communist” activity. The Washington Post, CNN, the Guardian, and the New York Times parroted the same message: that Zhiqiang was imprisoned for being an “outspoken” critic of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC).

Their claim is that Zhiqiang was detained for publishing a critique of China’s response to COVID. This accusation is unfounded by the evidence generally available.

The logic of the Western media’s accusation can be summarized as follows: “If Ren Zhiqiang critiqued the CPC and was later sentenced, he must have been imprisoned for his critique of the CPC.” There’s a problem with this narrative. The charges brought against him were for embezzlement of an equivalent of $16.3 million in public funds. The accusation of embezzlement has not been disputed, and there is no evidence to suggest that the charges were anything else. Zhiqiang confessed to these charges. (

All the media outlets mention the charges of embezzlement, and even mention that Zhiqiang confessed, yet the lens of the Western media has distorted and excluded facts surrounding this case, leading to the narrative of him being a “political prisoner.”

The information that the public currently has about this case does not suggest corruption. What we do know is that the Western media have not let up on polemical attacks against China. If they give China any credit for successfully containing the outbreak of COVID-19, the credit is met with a disclaimer of other “draconian lockdowns” and “dictatorship.”

In the U.S. bourgeois media’s eyes every country with different systems and values is a “dictatorship,” even if those countries democratically elect their leaders. By contrast, the U.S. and its allies can sic their police on Black communities and protesters and not be considered authoritarian.

The standard for being labeled an authoritarian dictatorship is arbitrary and self-justifying. Any state that is labeled as a dictatorship is subject to endless attacks, sanctions and criminal charges against citizens in one of those “dictatorships,” which must, because of corruption and repression, therefore be “illegitimate.” Journalists may or may not be conscious of their xenophobic bias towards other nations with different systems. Yet in most cases their editors are.

The fact is that countries building socialism have done far better handling COVID-19. China was hit first and somehow managed to come out of this with under 10,000 deaths. The U.S. government, which was expressly warned about this virus and had time to prepare, has racked up over 204,000 deaths. (CNN, Sept. 22)

The Western media, with their anti-communist bias, cannot fathom how the richest country in the world – the United States – could do so poorly while socialist countries, labeled as “dictatorships,” have done so well. Ren Zhiqiang is the chosen martyr of truth. According to media narrative, he had the spine to speak out about COVID-19 in China. This attack and false narrative against the CPC serves one purpose: to dehumanize, ostracize and attack a nation that is wrongfully feared in this country. (Courtesy: Workers World)