Thursday, September 1, 2016

Our claim as a working class party lost

Why we had lost the ruling of West Bengal?
Harihara Kurup            posted on FB:Wednesday: 24 August 2016 at 08:36 AM
Author Harihara Kurup
163. WEST BENGAL Comrades. My dear Comrades. Why such a stage got us; when we have the history of 34 years ruling in West Bengal? Why we had lost the ruling of West Bengal? Do you know the position of our party before TMC came in power? Once we had 172 MLAs for CPM alone. Was it with the support of Congress? Why WB peoples are reluctant to vote us? They don't feels our party must come in power. Why? Is it due to TMC? Com SM said; if LDF is return; TATA will start Car factory. It means? We had nothing learned from the history. Can we say the entire votes got by TMC is only on violence and by booth capturing? What was our old mathematics? The difference between LDF and TMC were very little and we can overcome with the support of Congress. Is it right? What happened? Congress men not voted for CPM; while our comrades voted for Congress. (2) Bourgeois will not allow a Communist party to be in power because we have a RED FLAG. Though WB comrades don't know its value; bourgeois knew about it. Marx said there should be "proletarian dictatorship" because bourgeois will not allow to destroy their existence and what they enjoying now. ..... Due you know the history of CPI and SA Dange? Please see my blog No. 140. (Posted today) Can we say the National Council Members of old CPI were very clever peoples? Only 31 Comrades including Com. Jyoti Basu came out from old National Council out of 101 members. There were 70 numbers was with Dange. But CPI could not over come their poor stage. Even from the history of SA Dange and CPI; our (some) comrades are not ready to understand what will be the result when we deciding to share with Congress. They are trying to make CPM only a petty bourgeois party like RSP; etc.................I think; you knew; the Communist movement of India; under the leadership of SA Dange; since 1950s; postponed socialism and decided to promote Indian capitalism. During 1957; EMS Government of Kerala had done so many things and also started "Mavoor Rayons" by Birla. Due to water pollution of Mavoor Rayons; river water (Chaliyar) became polluted and nobody could use the water. Since then when we got chances to rule in Kerala; all efforts done to promote capitalism. Dange's step to co-operate with Congress was a part of that decision. In WB; the base to co-operate with Congress is based on this economic stand. (Please see my blogs; I will post) Since 2002; I am trying to change the "programme" and in 2005; I had published a book containing basic theories of Marxism; with a criticism on programme paras 6.2 and 6.5. Due to the publishing of the book; My membership denied by Party. We can see; since 1950s, Indian party is in stagnation. In WB, the quality of Jyoti Basu helped CPM to get in power. This helped due to the ruin of Congress. At the same time In Bihar; Lalu Prasad yadav; in UP - Mulayam; Andhra - Naidu; Tamilnadu - DMK; etc. In WB; there is no working class base; The peoples of WB those who voted CPM is now with TMC. Due to Singoor--Nandigram; our claim as a working class party lost; when Budhadeb declared that there is no other way; other than capitalism (2008).